How Much Should I Spend on Jewellery Settings and Mounts in UK?

How Much Should I Spend On Jewellery Settings And Mounts In UK?

By: John

Picking the perfect settings and mounts is very important for making beautiful jewellery. This is especially true when selecting diamond jewellery sets. The process involves understanding your preferences, the quality of materials, and the reputation of the jewellers you choose.

In the renowned Hatton Garden, a hub for jewellery in the UK, navigating the pricing landscape requires thoughtful consideration.

Buying a Ring Mount or Engagement Ring Settings Only:

1. Quality Comes First:

When setting your budget for jewellery settings and mounts, focus on quality. Better materials like platinum or high-grade gold may cost more, so find a balance between the quality you want and your budget. This way, you invest in pieces that last a long time.

2. Consider the Metal Type:

The metal in your jewellery makes a difference in the price. Platinum is strong, rare, and doesn't cause allergies. It costs more than gold, but it lasts a long time and always looks classic. Gold, in different karats, is a cheaper option but still gives a fancy appearance.

3. Evaluate Craftsmanship and Design:

The craftsmanship and design of jewellery settings and mounts in UK contribute to their cost. Unique, complex designs crafted by experienced artisans may command a higher price. Custom-designed settings, tailored to your preferences, often involve additional craftsmanship fees. Consider whether you prefer a bespoke piece or are open to selecting from existing designs to better align with your budget.

4. Setting Type and Complexity:

Different setting types and complexities can influence the cost of jewellery mounts. Certain settings for diamond jewellery can be pricier. Classic options like prongs or bezels may be more budget-friendly, while intricate ones like pave or channel styles often cost more due to the precision and effort involved in making them. Understanding these options helps balance visual appeal with affordability. Knowing realistic prices for preferred styles helps manage expectations, allowing conscious choices based on personal taste or budget considerations when selecting diamond jewellery.

5. Research Hatton Garden Jewellers:

In the UK, especially in London, Hatton Garden is known for quality jewellery. Look into trusted Hatton Garden jewellers with clear prices, ethical practices, and good customer service. Checking reviews and asking for recommendations helps find places with a strong reputation, making sure you get the best value for your money.

6. Diamond Quality and Characteristics:

With diamond jewellery sets, the diamond quality plays a big role in prices. The 4Cs matter most - Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat Weight. These affect what the diamonds used will cost. When all 4Cs are excellent - with ideal cuts, colourless ratings, flawless clarity, and larger carat weights - the diamond values rise. This is reflected in jewellery set pricing. Top quality large diamonds demand higher prices. Knowing diamond grading helps set realistic expectations on costs for exceptional stone pieces.

7. Establish a Realistic Budget:

To set a budget for your jewellery settings, think about your money and what matters most to you. Decide if you want to spend more on diamond quality, the type of metal, or the craftsmanship. Having a clear budget helps you make choices that match your financial goals while still getting the look you want.


When buying Jewellery Settings and Mounts In UK, especially in Hatton Garden, consider quality, metal, craftsmanship, setting complexity, and diamond features for pricing. Research reputable Hatton Garden jewellers to balance your budget with timeless beauty. Quality jewellery is more than a purchase; it's a statement for a lifetime.