What Are Baguettes On A Diamond Ring in the London?

What Are Baguettes On A Diamond Ring In The London?

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While baguette eternity Diamonds don't compare to a standard Brilliant Cut diamond in terms of quality, they're fantastic as accents or in eternity bands. They are a low-cost alternative to other Step Cut diamonds, such as the Emerald Cut, due to their low price.

A Definition of a Baguette Diamond:

The baguette eternity band cut diamond has 14 facets and a long, rectangular form. This diamond form is part of the "step-cut" family, which also includes emerald and Asscher cuts. In fact, emerald and baguette cuts are frequently confused. There are various important differences between the two, including:
  • Baguette cuts have only 14 facets, whereas emerald cuts have 50-58 facets.
  • The Baguette Eternity Ring is often sold in smaller carat weights than emerald cuts.
  • Compared to emerald cuts, baguette cuts have a narrower, more elongated form.
How to Style a Baguette:

Instead of being the centre stone, baguette shape stone is frequently utilized as a side or accent stone. Why? These diamonds are quite thin and go with practically any other diamond shape without taking away from the beauty of the centre stone. They can also save money because the lengthy cut adds additional bling to a thin band as opposed to multiple, more costly diamonds in a pave or channel setting.

On an eternity band, baguette eternity rings are also popular. When set in an eternity ring, they seem elegant and refined because of their narrow and elongated design.

Although solitary baguette-cut diamonds may be tough to come by, you may be able to have this style of setting custom-made if you so desire. Their adaptability is limitless!

Setting for a Baguette Engagement Ring:

In a three-stone arrangement, a baguette wedding ring makes excellent side stones. The ideal stone and setting will highlight the centre stone and result in a stunning engagement ring.

The majority of rings with Baguette diamonds in London are positioned horizontally, with one on each side attracting attention to the central stone. Tapered Baguettes, with the narrow end pointing away from the main stone, are very popular in this kind of ring.

Is it Expensive to Buy Baguette Diamonds?

Baguettes are typically less expensive than other diamond shapes. Because lower-quality cuts are employed, the price per carat of a Baguette diamond is likely to be cheaper than that of a round brilliant or an emerald cut. As with any diamond, baguettes are graded using the 4 C's. As a result, prices fluctuate based on the stone's grade.

It is possible to obtain a high-quality Baguette Wedding Band, in which case the price per carat will be comparable to, if not higher than, more common cuts, owing to the increased scarcity of high-quality Baguettes. Baguette diamonds, on the other hand, are nearly typically of lesser carat weight, hence they are not as valuable as other diamonds.