Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring: Get the Ring of Your Dreams

Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring: Get The Ring Of Your Dreams

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You may not know that most of the time, the settings and centre stones are available separately. So when you look for engagement rings for women, you often look for two things, your middle stone (generally a white jewel) and your setting (the metal system that holds your central stone).

Tips for Buying Your Dream Engagement Ring

The 4Cs

To buy the perfect platinum engagement rings, you need to understand the concept of the 4Cs before purchasing. The idea of the 4Cs is integral to determining the diamond's quality, size, price and, eventually, the ring. The 4Cs are the quality grading the rings have, determining their worth. Here is a short overview:
  • Colour: how colourless the white diamond is
  • Clarity: how flawless is the diamond internally and externally
  • Carat: weight measurement to assess how large the diamond is
  • Cut: how the diamond catches the light

Take A Look At The Diamonds Under Different Lightning

A diamond looks different under different types of lighting. Its appearance in the daylight will differ from that in the spot of lightning. Many of the jewellers use the white spotlight to emphasise the brilliance of the diamond. It makes the Diamond Engagement Rings look dazzling.

However, daily situations do not have dramatic lightning. Examining the diamond under the diffused lighting and outside lighting.
Diamond Engagement Rings

The Choice of the Metal of the Band

Some popular oval halo engagement rings include rose gold, yellow gold or white gold and platinum. Gold and platinum tend to have characteristics. The colours of the rings also change their appearance. Therefore, choose the best pair that stand out and contrast each other.

Pick the Ring Setting

The ring setting is also vital to determine how it will look. The setting is essential as it holds the diamond in place. The setting has two purposes: preserving the diamond the place and protecting the diamond from damage. Different types of settings offer different protective degrees.
Here are two of the famous ring settings:

Prongs: In this type of ring, the diamond is held in place by four to six prongs which are narrow metal supports. The prongs might are rounded on the top for a classic look or have a modern and edgy appearance. The six prongs of the white gold engagement rings give them a more rounded look and securely hold the diamond. 

On the other hand, the four prongs give it a squarer look. They cover the area of the diamond slightly. The various prong settings look great on multiple ring styles.

Bezel: One of the styles with the most protection is the bezel setting. A thin metal strip is pushed or hammered all around the style to secure the diamond in place. That implies that the precious stone you cannot see from the side also intends that the corners remain safeguarded. It's an excellent option for solitaire Engagement Rings with sharp edges that are more likely to chip, like marquise and princess-cut diamonds.