Tennis Bracelet: What You Should Know About It

Tennis Bracelet: What You Should Know About It

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A tennis bracelet can be best described as an elegant-looking bracelet that features a symmetrical line of gemstones like diamonds that come together as a part of delicate platinum or gold chain. All the diamonds or gemstone that you will see in a tennis bracelet would be uniform in color, carat, cut and clarity. However, there is an option of getting customized tennis bracelets made that would have stones of different shapes and sizes.

An important factor that has contributed to the popularity of tennis bracelets is them being available more easily now. Apart from physical jewellery stores, one can now buy tennis bracelets from online stores like Luvore Diamonds/ Whether you are looking for diamond tennis bracelets or platinum tennis bracelets, you will find everything at this store. Apart from offering Tennis Bracelets for Women, they have made tennis bracelet for men available as well.

Tennis Bracelet: Unveiling the Essentials

Reason Behind the Name

When you hear the term ‘tennis bracelet’ for the first time, you might wonder as to why it is called so. To know the reason behind its name, one has to dive deep into its history. Tennis bracelets were first used in the 1920s and were referred to as diamond line bracelet because of their appearance.

The term ‘tennis bracelet’ was coined by the media in the year 1987 when Chris Evert, a renowned tennis player, lost her precious bracelet while playing a match. The bracelet was recovered after a while. While Evert was relieved to have her bracelet back, the jewellery industry was delighted to see this piece or category of jewellery getting a proper name for itself.
Tennis Bracelets for Women

Tennis bracelets are of different types and therefore, the pricing of a particular piece of diamond bracelet could be very different from another piece. A diamond tennis bracelet’s pricing depends on multiple factors including the authenticity of the stones.

An authentic tennis bracelet would, quite naturally, be more expensive than one that is made with artificial gemstones. A tennis bracelet that uses cubic zirconia’s or CZ's would be price lesser than $100. A bracelet featuring real diamonds, on the other hand, would cost more than $1,000.

Carat weight is another factor that influences the pricing of a diamond tennis bracelet. A bracelet that comes with large-sized stones would be more expensive as one that features smaller stones. Some of the other factors affecting their pricing are the color, clarity and cut of the diamonds. While checking out various tennis bracelet designs, you should keep an eye on their pricing.

Style of Wearing

One of the best things about a tennis bracelet is that it can be worn in different ways. While you have the option of wearing it as a single jewellery piece, you also have the option to wear two bracelets of varying sizes. If you like colors, you can go for a tennis bracelet that feature very bold gemstones. You can also pair up your Diamond Tennis Bracelet with a pearl jewellery.