How Much Carat Weight is Ideal For A Tennis Bracelet?

How Much Carat Weight Is Ideal For A Tennis Bracelet?

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While deciding on a diamond bracelet UK or Hatton Garden tennis bracelet, there are a couple of factors within the quality and pricing. These factors include the gemstones and metal selected. First and foremost, ensure that the jeweller is utilizing GIA or IGI certified diamonds. This signifies that there has to be a grading certificate for every diamond within the bracelet.

The Right Carat Weight for Diamond Tennis Bracelet London

Gold of 10-carat weight is sturdier and will scrape less, whereas 14 to 18 carat is the fine jewelry benchmark. In case you choose a 14-carat white diamond bracelet Hatton Garden, there will be chances of attaining a good balance between price and quality. Three to four is the average number of carats on a diamond tennis bracelet Hatton Garden. The carat number can differ between the tennis bracelet types. A majority of them will range somewhere between 2 to 10 carats.

Types of Diamond Bracelets UK

1.      Three Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The three-prong Diamond Tennis Bracelets UK is quite similar to the four-prong diamond tennis bracelet. However, it comes with a row of diamonds in a stunningly crafted 3-prong basket. One can decide on many distinct types of diamond clarity and colours.

2.      Two Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This tennis bracelet will look both stunning and extraordinary when pairing each attire you wish to put on. It puts the gems cautiously on two-prong baskets for making it simple and sophisticated. The stone doesn’t come with many holdings on it.

3.      Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The four-prong diamond tennis bracelet is a classic preference when it comes to choosing diamond tennis bracelets UK. It comes with one row of brilliantly cut stones that experts have designed into a crafted 4-prong basket.

Each of the four prongs makes this bracelet incredibly strong and keeps everything in position very well. Thus, it is a widespread choice. You can select from lab-made or naturally mined diamonds to achieve an eternal look for your budget.

Final Thoughts

Diamond carat weight really affects the overall value of the Hatton Garden Bracelets. The more tha size of the diamonds, the more the value will be. As the diamonds are larger in size, you wish to select those that come with a good colour and clarity grade. This is because they can reflect stains quite easily.