Eternity Rings: What Makes Them Special

Eternity Rings: What Makes Them Special

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These days, a large number of people invest in and wear eternity rings. These rings are made out of precious metals like white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. These can be identified easily as they are marked by the presence of diamond linings. Each and every diamond in an eternity ring is cut to precision so that it looks similar to the next one.

While diamond eternity rings are mostly adorned by women, you see several men flaunting them too. Usually, 3 stone eternity rings and white gold eternity rings are bought by one half of a couple and presented to the other person. People mostly purchase an eternity ring to present it to their partner on a special occasion.

Eternity Rings: Unveiling the Endless Symbolism and Timeless Beauty

According to a research report, a large number of people buy an eternity ring to gift it to their partner during their wedding anniversary. If you have been planning to buy an eternity ring for your partner or somebody special, Luvore Diamonds/ is the website you can visit. You will get all kinds of eternity rings on this online jewelry store, including Diamond Eternity Rings, half eternity rings, rose gold eternity rings, high end eternity rings and platinum eternity rings.
Diamond Eternity Rings

History of Eternity Rings

According to jewelry researchers, eternity rings have been around for as long as 4,000 years. The jewelry pieces, which are now popular as eternity rings, were first discovered by the ancient Egyptians. They offered these rings to their partners and other individuals close to them to signify that they are devoted to them for a lifetime.

In the ancient times, these rings were made from a wide range of materials, most prominent of them being metal. Some of these rings featured a depiction of the ‘ouroboros’ which happened to be an Egyptian symbol depicting a serpent eating away its tail. Wholeness and infinity are the two things ouroboros represented. The circular shape of the ring, on the other hand, was associated with the concept of eternity.

Diamonds in Eternity Rings

With time, eternity rings evolved greatly and got represented in different ways by professional jewelers. Diamonds are a part of most jewelry pieces today, so one wouldn’t be surprised to witness their presence in eternity rings.

By the early 1950s, diamonds started appearing in eternity rings. It was in the 1960s, however, that the concept of a diamond eternity ring was introduced to the consumers. In record books, the De Beers group has been credited with introducing this concept which led to the emergence of a new trend in the jewelry market.

Choosing the Right Eternity Ring

There is no such thing as the ‘right’ eternity ring. As stated earlier, eternity rings are of different rings and you should choose one based on your preferences and sensibilities. People often get confused about buying a full eternity ring or a Half Eternity Ring. You should choose an eternity ring design that would be suitable for the occasion and appeal to the person you are buying it for.