Diamonds: Why They Are an Integral Part of Engagement Rings

Diamonds: Why They Are An Integral Part Of Engagement Rings

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Buying an engagement ring is a special experience for anybody who is about to walk into a new phase in their lives. When you visit a physical retail store or an online store selling jewelry, you will find a variety of engagement rings there. From 3 stone engagement rings to three stone diamond rings, you get a plethora of options to choose from.

There will be many other variants like round three stone engagement rings, vintage 3 stone engagement rings and oval Three Stone Engagement Rings as well. The one thing, however, that is common to most engagement rings is the presence of diamond in them.

Looking For an Online Store to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings:

History of Diamonds

While diamonds are commonly used in jewelry pieces today, that was not always the case. Back in the day, they were primarily used for decorative purposes and as talismans to ward off negative energy and evil spirits. Many people, in those days, believed that diamonds were very auspicious and could be used to cure a variety of diseases as well.

If one must trace the use of diamonds in jewelry pieces, one will have to go a thousand years back in time. Once diamond started being used in jewelry pieces, people realized the kind of value it was adding to them.
Three Stone Engagement Rings

Several years later, men started proposing to women they love by presenting them a diamond ring. The first ever man to propose to a woman with a diamond ring is said to be Archduke Maximilian, an individual from Austria who proposed marriage to Mary who later became his wife. While the custom of proposing to women with a diamond ring had started, it remained confined to the upper echelons of the society for a while.

How Diamonds Became a Part of Engagement Rings

The history of engagement rings can be traced to a time in ancient Egypt when people would make each other wear reed rings to signify their betrothal. They would choose the ring finger to put the ring in as there is a vein in the ring finger that is believed to be connected to the heart and therefore, symbolizes love.

When Three Stone Diamond Rings first came into being, they were not as alluring as they are today. There was no sense of romance or emotions involved with them either. They, in fact, symbolized ownership. Husbands would make the wives wear these rings to express to the world that they belonged to them.

Slowly, diamond rings became an integral part of most cultures across the world and soon, it became almost impossible to imagine the union of two souls without diamond engagement rings. These engagement rings have a lot of significance in the couple’s lives and symbolize the commitment they have towards each other.