A Guide to Buying an Ideal 3 Stone Wedding Bands

A Guide To Buying An Ideal 3 Stone Wedding Bands

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If you're looking for a distinctive and one-of-a-kind wedding ring, the 3 stone wedding ring set might be the one for you. Three gemstones are the key elements of the three stone wedding ring, which comes in a variety of designs.

What Is the Meaning of a Three-Stone Ring?

A three-stone ring has a focal stone surrounded by two other stones. Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, can be used as the centrepiece or side stones.

The centre stone could be a diamond flanked by two colored stones that give a stunning contrast. In 3 Stone Wedding Ring arrangements, the centre stone is usually larger than the side stones, letting the centre stone stand out more.

What Is the Significance of a Three-Stone Wedding Ring?

In a 3 stone wedding ring, the largest or centre stone represents the present in a relationship, while the stones around it represent the past and future. A three-stone wedding ring is sometimes known as a "past, present, and future" ring for this reason. In certain versions, it could also mean "friendship, fidelity, and love."

Is It Fashionable to Wear Three Stone Rings?

Three-stone wedding rings are trendy among brides who want something different and economical. Given the three different stones, they are less expensive than a traditional ring.

So, if you're looking for a ring with so many alternatives that it's simple to locate one that's truly distinctive to you, the three-stone wedding ring could be the right choice.

Selection Criteria for A Three-Stone Wedding Ring:

Three stone wedding ring set is a wonderful idea to purchase to make the event memorable
  1. First and foremost, the form of the centre diamond has a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of the ring. With symmetrical shapes like round or princess-cut diamonds, the three-stone approach works best.
  1. If your centre stone has an asymmetrical form, you should be cautious about the ring design because it may result in a mismatch with the wrong side stones. As a general rule, asymmetrical central stones should be paired with asymmetrical side stones.
  1. The size of the side stones used in a three-stone diamond ring is relatively significant compared to the centre stone, and their quality counts. Jewellers often have a set of requirements, such as total carat weight, colour, and clarity.
  1. If the side stones' average colour is F-G, it's fine to buy a centre diamond with a colour difference of one colour grade. If the side stone's average colour is H-I, the centre stone should be in the following colour range: G, H, I, J.


One of the best aspects of three stone wedding rings is the variety of styles available. Classic three-stone rings, vintage-inspired three-stone styles, innovative modern three-stone designs, and much more are available.

So, if you're drawn to three-stone rings because of their romantic symbolism, you'll have no issue visiting the website to select a Three Stone Wedding Ring Set in a style you adore.